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My Newborn Class - In Person 

See the complete description of the class below.

Follow the links to schedule a class. 

This class is in person. 

Cost: $75.00

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What to Expect

My Newborn Class

Congratulations on your growing family! Since newborns don’t come with an owner’s manual, consider the My Newborn Class your go-to guide for infant care. This interactive online and in- person course covers essential information, including clear video examples of bathing, feeding and diapering, and lets you know when to call the doctor.  You will also stay organized with a variety of helpful checklists and trackers! 

In this class we will cover- 

  • Newborn Traits

  • Newborn Behaviors

  • Crying and Comforting - In person review included

  • Feeding- In Person Review included

  • Diapering - In Person Review included

  • Bathing, Nail Care & Dressing - In person review included

  • Newborn Health

  • Newborn Safety - In person review

  •  Review and skills practice


What’s included?

  • Videos, animations, and optional read-along audio

  • Quizzes, interactive exercises, notes pages, and extended activities

  • Essential tools, including a breastfeeding and diaper log, appointment and milestone trackers, and supplies and safety checklists

  • Audio library with soothing sounds, lullabies, and relaxation exercises

  • PDF library, glossary, and web links

  • Class completion certificate

PREVIEW COURSE NOW  - Click the preview now button to the right

Class cost is $75.00 (You are welcome to bring one person with you) 

  • Check with your insurance company for partial reimbursement of the class cost.

  •  Register for your class on the link above. 

Baby Bath


  • Learn the proper way to bath your baby

  • When to bath your baby

  • Supplies - Recommendations and more....

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