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Lay Me Down To Sleep Plan

  • Phone or Zoom Consultation (FaceTime is Available)

  • This package is great for families who need some guidance.

  • 90-minute Phone Consultation/Skype

  • Assessment of Sleep Questionnaire and Issues

  • Question and Answer on Family/Child Sleep Issues

  • 4 Scheduled Follow Up Calls

  • Cost $500.00

Woman Sleeping

Overnight In House Consult

  • This is our more intensive hands-on coaching

  • Overnight is 10 hours

  • 90 minute in house Consult
    (50-mile radius or transportation fee )

  • Assessment of Sleep & Issues

  • Preparation of personal sleep plan & Schedule for Family

  • Q & A on Family/Child Sleep Issues

  • Walkthrough of Baby’s Room

  • Suggestions for creating the Optimal Sleep Environment

  • Review of Sleep Plan & How To Follow Through

  • I will be there with you when going through the bedtime routine,
    and when putting child your baby to bed. Throughout the night we will work
    as a team through all waking periods. It is great support for parents who have an extremely hard time listening to their child cry.

  • This is not a “Cry It Out ” method but there will always be some crying.

    • 4 Scheduled Follow Up Support Calls
      * You will need to have a video monitor for this package*
      Typically 9 pm to 6 am.

    • When I arrive I spend a few minutes talking with Mom & Dad about the day's events with the baby.

    • I take over the care and Mom & Dad can rest!
      ~Feedings every 3 - 4 hours for newborns

    • ~If breastfed I bring the baby to Mom for each feed
      ~Soothe the baby back to sleep ~

    • Email us for availability before purchase.

    • Cost $800

Copying Down

Question and Answer Package 

Do you have a variety of questions? Not sure where to go for the information? Want to talk things through in a non judgmental environment? Make a list and schedule a call. 

**This package is via phone

Not: Our recommendation do not take the place of medical care or advice. 

Cost 80.00 per hour

Customer Support Agent

Phone, Email, Text Support Package

  • Includes text support for 6 months

  • 60-minute Phone Consultation

  • Sleep Assessment and Plan

  • All calls will be scheduled or returned within 8 hours if called before 5 pm

  • I work mostly nights and can return text messages for most of the night depending on my schedule.

  • Cost $650.00

Image by Ömürden Cengiz

In house consult & on-going support

  • Includes the In-Home Consultation (Above)

  • Plus Unlimited Text Support, Unlimited Email Support, and Unlimited Scheduled Phone Calls

  • This support is available until  the age of one as your child grows

  • All calls will be scheduled or returned within 8 hours if called before 5 pm

  • I work mostly night and can return text messages for most of the night depending on the family I am working with.

  • Cost $1000.00

Mother and a Child

Newborn Care Consultation

  • For parents who want to learn all about caring for their newborn

  • The in-home visit lasts for 2 hours

  • Soothing method for even the fussiest babies.

  • We will go over what your baby’s cries mean.

  • Swaddling- Correct way to swaddle

  • Breastfeeding support and Bottle Feeding Support & Suggestions

  • Diapering Basics

  • Question and Answers

  • Newborn and Sleep – Safety tips, What's normal for newborns and newborn sleep habits

  • 4 Scheduled Follow Up Calls on Newborn Care

  • Cost $800.00

Image by Allie

Virtual Coaching

When you are needing advice and help with caring for your newborn. Question regarding sleep, feeding etc...

*** This package is online. 

Computer or Cell required. 

Note: Our recommendation do no take the place of medical care or advice. 

Cost $100.00 per hour

*We will call you to schedule your date and time or call before you purchase your package.

All payments for plans are due upon scheduling date and time. This will hold your place for the date and time you choose.  You will receive an email with more information regarding your scheduled time.  Due to limited availability if you are unable to keep your scheduled time please email us. Do not schedule a different time online. This will prompt you to pay again. We will reschedule as soon as possible.  Once your appointment is scheduled we will be unable to provide a refund.   Home visits are only available in the state of Colorado at this time. 

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