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The challenges of breastfeeding

Updated: Jun 28, 2019

Breastfeeding is one of the best ways to feed your baby. However it does come with it's own set of challenges.

You have heard that breastfeeding is natural. You see the videos of babies happily nursing and mom relaxing as her baby eats. Then you try and it seems like everything is going wrong. Baby won't latch properly, baby is fussy, or it hurts and your milk is slow to come in. Theses are some of the challenges mother's face with breastfeeding.

What can you do to overcome such challenges? Is it always this hard? Why do some mommies make it look so easy? Can I really do this? Does it really matter?

Having a support system helps when learning to breastfeed.

Challenges of Breastfeeding

When faced with challenges during breastfeeding, I would encourage you to stop and take a deep breath. Relax and try again. Before you try again get familar with the proper breastfeeding positions. Talk with a lactation specialist who can guide you and encourage you through some of the tougher times. Practice often. With each feeding offer your breast to your newborn. This will help stimulate your milk production. Use a nipple shield. Check your baby's latch. Does baby have a tongue or lip tie? Watch for signs of fussiness and pulling away from the breast. This could signal a sign of a milk protein allergy, intolerance or acid reflux.

Although the challenges may seem great the advantages are even greater. Most challenges can be overcome by figuring out what is bothering your little one. Don't go it alone. There are mom groups and breastfeeding groups that can give you that extra support.

Enjoy Your Journey!

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