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Sleep Training Tip- Make A Schedule

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Schedules are nice

When preparing your baby’s sleep routine, it is important to consider a schedule. What time would you like your child to wake? What is he/her bedtime?

I start this process from day one. I know some moms like to feed on demand. This is okay if this is the schedule you want. However, you may be a working Mom who is concerned about having your baby on a schedule before you return to work. Most of my clients are wanting a schedule as soon as possible.

We are not totally set in stone at the beginning. We prepare the final schedule and work from there. You would say we work backward with the end goal in mind.

Write your schedule down. Remembering things after having a child is sometimes impossible.

Track your child’s eating and sleeping habits. This will help you gauge what is working or if you need to change some things.

It’s okay if your baby does not take to your schedule immediately. Take small steps. Make progress.

I’ve found having some kind of schedule makes things less stressful. For you and your little one.

Share some of your tips for getting your baby on a schedule.

Enjoy your journey!

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