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Five 4th of July Tips For Celebrating w/Babies

As the 4th of July approaches most are making plans for family gatherings and barbeques. Great festivals with big crowds and great music. Fun in the sun, carnival rides, and to end the night, a beautiful fireworks display.

Preparing your newborn for the day and night is a must. Here are some tips to make sure your little one is comfortable and happy on this fun filled day.



Tip # 1

Make sure your baby gets plenty of rest before proceeding to the festivities. Nothing like a cranky baby. Plan your baby's nap earlier in the day or plan your events after their nap time.

Tip #2

Dress baby according to the weather. Take extra clothing for changes in the tempature. A hat to protect your baby from the sun. Umbrella's are a great source of shade for hot sunny days. Don't forget the sunblock and insect repellent.

Photo by Dzenina Lukac

Tip #3

During fireworks provided protective headphones for your baby's ears. Babies sensitive ears can't tolerate the loud noises of fireworks or music.

Photo by Tom Swinnen

Tip #4

If celebrating at home turn sound machine volume up. You should be able to hear the sound machine with the door closed. Place sound machine across the room so it is not to loud for your baby. If you don't have a sound machine, use a wireless bluetooth speaker, download a white noise app and play through the bluetooth speaker. This will help block any noise from people and fireworks outside of your home.

Tip #5

Don't handled and type of firework while holding your baby. I know this may seem like a no brainer. However children are injured every year by fireworks. This is including sparklers. There are reports of children being burned by a sparkler held by them or another person close to them. Babies can be unpredictable at times and may reach for the firework in your hand. To decrease the risk of injury keep your baby clear of any type of firework.

This is just a few tips to keep your baby safe while enjoying the holiday. Hope this helps!

Enjoy your journey!

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