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New Parent Education Class - In Person 

See the complete description of the class below.

Follow the links to schedule a class. 

This class is in person. 

Cost: $75.00

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What to Expect

 Newborn Care Basics

  • Feeding Techniques​

  • Diapering​

  • Bathing and Hygiene

  • ​Sleep Routines​

Health and Safety

  • Infant CPR Training​

  • Illness Prevention​

Emotional and Developmental Support

  • Understanding Newborn Behavior​​

  • Developmental Milestones​

Building a Supportive Community

  • Connecting with Other Parents​​

  • Accessing Community Resources​​

Expert Guidance and Q&A​​

  • Open Q&A Session​​

Practical Skills Workshop

  • Hands-On Activities​​​

Continuing Support and Resources

  • Ongoing Education​

  • Follow-Up Sessions​

  • Recommended Resources​

  • and more!!!

Rubber Ducks


  • Learn the proper way to bath your baby

  • When to bath your baby

  • Supplies - Recommendations and more....

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