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Any amount you give will help a family provide a safe sleep environment for their baby. Now You Lay Me Down To Sleep and our partnership with Cribs For Kids is working together to provide the tools families need.  

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Donate through the "Donate" button using your paypal account or scan the QR Code 

If you are having trouble submitting your donation please message us via email or chat. Thank You! 


Why support this program? As a Nanny agency we work with a variety of families and backgrounds. These families can afford the care and support our nannies have to offer. However we find that SIDS and other safety risk are hirer in the lower income households.

Today with people loosing their jobs due to COVID we find it is even more challenging for the working class to provide the basic necessities of caring for a newborn. We believe in what we do and work hard every day to close the gap. Safe sleep is very important.
We educate and provide resources for the families we serve. The cost is great and this is why we look to our sponsors, partnership with other business and donations to help meet the needs of the families. 

Please join us in providing a safe place for babies to sleep.

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